Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leaving/Edit: DELETED!!!

Hello everybody.I have HUGE announcement for everybody.I think I'm quitting the blog business.I don't acually  think anybody reads my blog anymore.I bet no one is reading it right now either.But I do know one thing, I had a great run up until the end of August.This blog never got all that popular, but at least I was doin' what I loved.But now...It's not that fun anymore.Sorry if I made anybody sad and your welcome if I made anybody happy.And also just because I have more time on my hands now I'm not joining any wordpress blogs.It is a huge hassle to make graphics with it.Leave good or bad comments.I really want to know what people thought of this blog.


Tazman99,Levi Thurston,boo(my nickname), and Speedy fly

age: ten
Edit: I will be deleting the blog completely tomorrow at 5:30 pm.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Been gone

Sorry everybody!I've been gone for a while a again.Ok I will NOT be gone for 1 day for the next 2 months! I promise.I need to remember to post once a day.

But anyway, Their are a few new advertisements! The electric company from PBS kids go.It said in the synopsis that it is about a team of people that are trying to stop the bad guys pretty much.Also, blu-ray Monsters inc. ad and it's adventure is actually pretty hard! When you are done you get a small room where you can watch short clips of the movie.

And check out the store to see the new halloween costumes! If you didn't get enough haunted house then go to the store and check it out! I know, "But I don't have any potropica credits!" well quit your whining then its FREE!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A decade old mini freezing follower that is kicking a soccer ball, riding a motorcycle doing stunts while eating meatballs with a very wobbley head!

Sorry guys.I have not posted in a while. And I've missed ALOT.

Firstly(my new word), There are new outfits in potropica.Biker and stuntman, together they defeat the giant food falling from the sky with a soccer ball ! Speaking of... make that 3 new adventures! bionicles, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and some other soccer related one.He He, I forgot the- oh no its bedknobs and broomsticks.I also posted about bionicles sooner than the creators! My birthday is tomarrow!!! I'm turning a decade! 10 years.Guess what the theme is? Cloudty with a chance of meatballs! We are going to see that on my birthday on the 27th of Sep.But tomorrow is my real birthday.

look at this:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Shortage on Fabrics

Oh no!Robin hood is going on a shortage in his closet!But the fabrics of his costume are at the store.Get it!It's only for a limited time!Hopefuly he will not find out someone ripped his favorite T shirt out of his closet and sold it on P-EBAY.It's a good thing that Vlad had his lucky time travel devise on him and used it to travel to when money was invented!( I was the first one to post about it!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Click Control shift T and it opens Tyson burnham's blog!I knew it!He Is a creator!But which one?Maby binary bard?Sorry Short post.I'll make it longer,


Ned Noodlehead!

GREAT news!I will invite Ned noodlehead (Jeff kinney) to my blog!I had no idea that Jeff kinney was Ned Noodlehead until I read the latest post on the PHB!Wow that would be awsome!I absoulotly love Dairy of a wimpy kid And to have the guy that started it all on my blog!Plus Ned Noodlehead is my favorite creator followed by binary bard!So I decided to make this:
Oh yeah Greg Heffley, Ned Noodlehead, and Jeff kinny all mashed up onto one Graphic!Sorry Ned Noodlehead is a little smaller than I hoped.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lots of things!

Ok let me update you guys.First the first week of school ended today and and its easier than I expected!Also I joined popular thunder's blog but then got fired and then got hired again.And we've got some new outfits in the store!Check it out here.

And I think thats it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uh oh

Oh no its getting really close.I'm going into the forth grade so that means that we have to read novels,remember our locker number, switch classes and wost of all DETENTION!Ahh run for your lives!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Most popular!

Congratulations Binary Bard for being the most popular of all the villians!And also congrats to Booga and Director D. for being in the top three!Here is the picture for you guys!( Shark Boy will be representing Booga because he couldent fit in the picture.

Batman 3!

Ok you guys might not be batman fans like me but I will show you my custom batman gotham city+ poptropica poster!( The graphics arent as good as most of my graphics stuff.I haven'nt done this for a while!)

Also I have been VERY busy for a while and I havent been posting for a While!

And if you guys don't know who those guys are: Top batman, far left (new and improved) riddler, left one thats jumping is catwoman, bottom middle is two face (suposedly dead), Right Harley Quinn ( 'girl joker' as I like to call her.) and thats it.Oh yeah and *weep weep* Heath Ledger!*cry cry cry* Ok pull it together...waaaaaaaah!He was the best joker ever!Rest in peace.*tosses some flowers on top of his grave*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


OH NO!! I-

100110100101101010010101010101000100101010101010- Oh you get the point!

Yes its me binary bard!!!And I have developed a group of bad guys in poptropica! We call ourselves B.B.O.B.B!!! The bad boys of binary bard! Mwa ha ha haeh *cough cough*.And we plan to take over the world!the team is made up of Copy cat, B.A.D. agent + director D., myself, speeding spike, crusher, and Dr. hare (temporarily in space).

Fast insect is not in nor is ratman or betty jetty all for different reasons.Insect punched me and almost dented my metal, ratman got let out of prison early because his criminal ways are no more, and betty is not good enough to be in because she got K.O.'d by a nerd!!!ha ha!!!

So good luck finding a way to beat us!!


- Yeah what he said! But I am making a group of my own! So have no fear poptropicains!Also I can see Dr. hare from Poogle Earth!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I don't know if you guys have checked 24 carrot in a while but...THE CAT IS WEARING A SHIRT AND PANTS!!!No kidding!! Just look!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

40th anniversary of apollo

I am the 4th living...oh wait no 4th man on the moon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bug Collecting

While I'm traveling the world of Poptropica taking pictures and drawing cartoons, I also search for rare bugs to add to my bug collection.

Posted by Ned Noodlehead

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm going on vacation in a week.So I thought I'd give you guys a goodbye gift:
Free profiles! ^

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow that was quick!

Attention civilians, the- "Hey move it F.B.I! This is my blog and you are vialating the law!"

Ok so you know my brother, fast insect well he's history.Ned noodle head and serious cky got rid of him.So Ned had his day off at the comic shop and took a vacation to shark tooth.He recently reads my blog.But any way, he saw the post that those dumb F.B.I. agent posted yesterday and got to work imediatly.He serched every game room for him because he is a natonal champion of cky diving (ha ha! I crack my self up).He won game after game after game after game after game!!Then finally He gave up that diary and it transported back to binary bard.But noodle head wasn't fast enough for him( Insect won many track races when he wasn't a villian.).Then he escaped though the door.While Cky was taking a walk though shark tooth.Cky snatched him, customized him, and deleted the costume quickly.He was gone for good.Now I have gave the honor to Cky and Ned to post on my blog using my account.They will tell you whether it is them or me.

For now,

Speedy fly

-Stay popin!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I haven't seen Cy in a while, wonder what he's up to?...
Well anyway, I need to try to defeat astro knights...*click click click clickity clack click*.
" Come on, come ON, COME ON!!!! ohhh...YES!!finally got to the asteroid!! " *click click clack click click* " Wow a portal!And it looks like another kingdom!!! " * click....clickity clack click click* " The princess!!!??? Wonder why she wants all those weapons? " *click click*" Ohhh no!!I got tricked by the binary bard!!!Help, Merlin!!? " * BOOOOM! click...BOOM BOOM!* " Oh no!!! MERLIN!!!!!! " *cry cry weep sob!...ZAP!!!* " OK.Back to business! " *Click click clack click* "I finally defeated binary ba-


"We must now go into story mode."-

And as that fast fly was speeding away, that real old mechanic was starting to sway.
He was falling apart.Now what could he do?Then heroically shouted from Merlin; "Yoooooo hoooooo!!!"
The King, Queen, and servant were pleased.And what what popped out that robot also made me appeased.
2 things, Merlin was fixed and(this got me mixed) a new friend popped out that robot.And believe it or not it was Cy.Oh how I wanted to cry.He turned back to human in the blink of an eye.-


"Back to real mode."-

So today I got a new friend.Cy told me how he started from human to cyborg to robot (Cy) to battle robot.He has been recovoring from his transformations but now he is a cyborg that still has personality.Now we all know him as my best friend, Serious sky.-

Serious Cky(lol) :Hey wait a minute!I want to show you guys my awsome drum solo!!! :

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An astro knight

This is possibly what an astro knights could look like ^

Bite me!

I caught up with Cy (that's what I call him now) and he decided to go shark on me!He was down at the shark museum scaring the guy who works there.I remembered my "strategy" I jumped downstairs to where they where.I turned on my guitar and BZZZZT!!He looked knocked out.I came closer to Cy.His eyes popped on and he angrily screamed.He then flew away. " I wonder if Binary Bard was any thing to do with this?" I thought...

The third battle

...I finaly got to Puffin point and, sure enough, he was there.I shot my bow and arrow at him.It hit him but he was not hurt.He quickly got his rocket pack on and flue away.

We meet again

Today I was scanning the potropica area for that cyborg because it was unknown where he could be.I was going island by island so big nate was my last stop.When I got there of course there was the cyborg shooting lasers at what looked like Ned Noodlehead but with a better costume.Also he was protecting the president ( Obama).I soon came to the rescue by plugging in my guitar, quickly draining out the water from before, and played as loud as I could.This distracted the robot and insted of  shooting at them shot below them.The robot was gone before they could reach the ground.

" Thank you for saving us! " Ned said. I asked " Why are you with the president? " " Nevermind that,"said Ned." there is more important things than that!" " Like what? "." The president is in danger.He wasn't after me." he answered. " He was after me. " Said Obama.Then Ned, obviously rushing to tell me something, yelled " Go to the puffin point!you will meet him there.Here take this bow and arrow." I now am making my way to puffin point...  

Monday, June 1, 2009

Epic battle

Today I was walking along on the streets of poptropica (recovering from the incident with the guitar ) .As I passed the soda pop shop a strange, obviously infected badly by the mechanical flu, figure confronted me and was speaking strangely like a robotic astro knight I thought this could be the beginning of a new species!I offered him an appearance on T.V. but he refused and I begged him he said in a loud angry voice: "Ukq dwra wcanazia! Ukq sehh xa iqjmwdaz!!!" And then he shot his laser gun at me. Luckily, the police came and I jumped.The cyborg ran away.I tried to figure out what he said during the fight.I took out my decoder and strangly it was on W=A.Maybe it was a message I translated it.It said: You have angered me!You will be punished!!!"

Watch out for cyborgs that have only arms and legs that are shown!

Ohh no!

I now know what it feels like to get electricuted:

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPER GIRL!!!

Snapshot series: quiet joker!

Today I was walking along with my gitar and I saw a poptropican that I just had to get! She was one of the strangest poptropicans that I have ever seen, give it up for Miss Quiet joker!!

( It also looks like  she had the mechanical fever! )

Sunday, May 31, 2009


hey my name is speedy fly.I'm a poptropican and I'll be here reporting news and special events that take place in poptropica.