Monday, June 1, 2009

Epic battle

Today I was walking along on the streets of poptropica (recovering from the incident with the guitar ) .As I passed the soda pop shop a strange, obviously infected badly by the mechanical flu, figure confronted me and was speaking strangely like a robotic astro knight I thought this could be the beginning of a new species!I offered him an appearance on T.V. but he refused and I begged him he said in a loud angry voice: "Ukq dwra wcanazia! Ukq sehh xa iqjmwdaz!!!" And then he shot his laser gun at me. Luckily, the police came and I jumped.The cyborg ran away.I tried to figure out what he said during the fight.I took out my decoder and strangly it was on W=A.Maybe it was a message I translated it.It said: You have angered me!You will be punished!!!"

Watch out for cyborgs that have only arms and legs that are shown!

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