Sunday, June 14, 2009


I haven't seen Cy in a while, wonder what he's up to?...
Well anyway, I need to try to defeat astro knights...*click click click clickity clack click*.
" Come on, come ON, COME ON!!!! ohhh...YES!!finally got to the asteroid!! " *click click clack click click* " Wow a portal!And it looks like another kingdom!!! " * click....clickity clack click click* " The princess!!!??? Wonder why she wants all those weapons? " *click click*" Ohhh no!!I got tricked by the binary bard!!!Help, Merlin!!? " * BOOOOM! click...BOOM BOOM!* " Oh no!!! MERLIN!!!!!! " *cry cry weep sob!...ZAP!!!* " OK.Back to business! " *Click click clack click* "I finally defeated binary ba-


"We must now go into story mode."-

And as that fast fly was speeding away, that real old mechanic was starting to sway.
He was falling apart.Now what could he do?Then heroically shouted from Merlin; "Yoooooo hoooooo!!!"
The King, Queen, and servant were pleased.And what what popped out that robot also made me appeased.
2 things, Merlin was fixed and(this got me mixed) a new friend popped out that robot.And believe it or not it was Cy.Oh how I wanted to cry.He turned back to human in the blink of an eye.-


"Back to real mode."-

So today I got a new friend.Cy told me how he started from human to cyborg to robot (Cy) to battle robot.He has been recovoring from his transformations but now he is a cyborg that still has personality.Now we all know him as my best friend, Serious sky.-

Serious Cky(lol) :Hey wait a minute!I want to show you guys my awsome drum solo!!! :

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