Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We meet again

Today I was scanning the potropica area for that cyborg because it was unknown where he could be.I was going island by island so big nate was my last stop.When I got there of course there was the cyborg shooting lasers at what looked like Ned Noodlehead but with a better costume.Also he was protecting the president ( Obama).I soon came to the rescue by plugging in my guitar, quickly draining out the water from before, and played as loud as I could.This distracted the robot and insted of  shooting at them shot below them.The robot was gone before they could reach the ground.

" Thank you for saving us! " Ned said. I asked " Why are you with the president? " " Nevermind that,"said Ned." there is more important things than that!" " Like what? "." The president is in danger.He wasn't after me." he answered. " He was after me. " Said Obama.Then Ned, obviously rushing to tell me something, yelled " Go to the puffin point!you will meet him there.Here take this bow and arrow." I now am making my way to puffin point...  

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