Tuesday, August 4, 2009


OH NO!! I-

100110100101101010010101010101000100101010101010- Oh you get the point!

Yes its me binary bard!!!And I have developed a group of bad guys in poptropica! We call ourselves B.B.O.B.B!!! The bad boys of binary bard! Mwa ha ha haeh *cough cough*.And we plan to take over the world!the team is made up of Copy cat, B.A.D. agent + director D., myself, speeding spike, crusher, and Dr. hare (temporarily in space).

Fast insect is not in nor is ratman or betty jetty all for different reasons.Insect punched me and almost dented my metal, ratman got let out of prison early because his criminal ways are no more, and betty is not good enough to be in because she got K.O.'d by a nerd!!!ha ha!!!

So good luck finding a way to beat us!!


- Yeah what he said! But I am making a group of my own! So have no fear poptropicains!Also I can see Dr. hare from Poogle Earth!

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