Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow that was quick!

Attention civilians, the- "Hey move it F.B.I! This is my blog and you are vialating the law!"

Ok so you know my brother, fast insect well he's history.Ned noodle head and serious cky got rid of him.So Ned had his day off at the comic shop and took a vacation to shark tooth.He recently reads my blog.But any way, he saw the post that those dumb F.B.I. agent posted yesterday and got to work imediatly.He serched every game room for him because he is a natonal champion of cky diving (ha ha! I crack my self up).He won game after game after game after game after game!!Then finally He gave up that diary and it transported back to binary bard.But noodle head wasn't fast enough for him( Insect won many track races when he wasn't a villian.).Then he escaped though the door.While Cky was taking a walk though shark tooth.Cky snatched him, customized him, and deleted the costume quickly.He was gone for good.Now I have gave the honor to Cky and Ned to post on my blog using my account.They will tell you whether it is them or me.

For now,

Speedy fly

-Stay popin!

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