Monday, August 31, 2009

Shortage on Fabrics

Oh no!Robin hood is going on a shortage in his closet!But the fabrics of his costume are at the store.Get it!It's only for a limited time!Hopefuly he will not find out someone ripped his favorite T shirt out of his closet and sold it on P-EBAY.It's a good thing that Vlad had his lucky time travel devise on him and used it to travel to when money was invented!( I was the first one to post about it!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Click Control shift T and it opens Tyson burnham's blog!I knew it!He Is a creator!But which one?Maby binary bard?Sorry Short post.I'll make it longer,


Ned Noodlehead!

GREAT news!I will invite Ned noodlehead (Jeff kinney) to my blog!I had no idea that Jeff kinney was Ned Noodlehead until I read the latest post on the PHB!Wow that would be awsome!I absoulotly love Dairy of a wimpy kid And to have the guy that started it all on my blog!Plus Ned Noodlehead is my favorite creator followed by binary bard!So I decided to make this:
Oh yeah Greg Heffley, Ned Noodlehead, and Jeff kinny all mashed up onto one Graphic!Sorry Ned Noodlehead is a little smaller than I hoped.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lots of things!

Ok let me update you guys.First the first week of school ended today and and its easier than I expected!Also I joined popular thunder's blog but then got fired and then got hired again.And we've got some new outfits in the store!Check it out here.

And I think thats it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uh oh

Oh no its getting really close.I'm going into the forth grade so that means that we have to read novels,remember our locker number, switch classes and wost of all DETENTION!Ahh run for your lives!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Most popular!

Congratulations Binary Bard for being the most popular of all the villians!And also congrats to Booga and Director D. for being in the top three!Here is the picture for you guys!( Shark Boy will be representing Booga because he couldent fit in the picture.

Batman 3!

Ok you guys might not be batman fans like me but I will show you my custom batman gotham city+ poptropica poster!( The graphics arent as good as most of my graphics stuff.I haven'nt done this for a while!)

Also I have been VERY busy for a while and I havent been posting for a While!

And if you guys don't know who those guys are: Top batman, far left (new and improved) riddler, left one thats jumping is catwoman, bottom middle is two face (suposedly dead), Right Harley Quinn ( 'girl joker' as I like to call her.) and thats it.Oh yeah and *weep weep* Heath Ledger!*cry cry cry* Ok pull it together...waaaaaaaah!He was the best joker ever!Rest in peace.*tosses some flowers on top of his grave*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


OH NO!! I-

100110100101101010010101010101000100101010101010- Oh you get the point!

Yes its me binary bard!!!And I have developed a group of bad guys in poptropica! We call ourselves B.B.O.B.B!!! The bad boys of binary bard! Mwa ha ha haeh *cough cough*.And we plan to take over the world!the team is made up of Copy cat, B.A.D. agent + director D., myself, speeding spike, crusher, and Dr. hare (temporarily in space).

Fast insect is not in nor is ratman or betty jetty all for different reasons.Insect punched me and almost dented my metal, ratman got let out of prison early because his criminal ways are no more, and betty is not good enough to be in because she got K.O.'d by a nerd!!!ha ha!!!

So good luck finding a way to beat us!!


- Yeah what he said! But I am making a group of my own! So have no fear poptropicains!Also I can see Dr. hare from Poogle Earth!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I don't know if you guys have checked 24 carrot in a while but...THE CAT IS WEARING A SHIRT AND PANTS!!!No kidding!! Just look!!