Sunday, June 14, 2009


I haven't seen Cy in a while, wonder what he's up to?...
Well anyway, I need to try to defeat astro knights...*click click click clickity clack click*.
" Come on, come ON, COME ON!!!! ohhh...YES!!finally got to the asteroid!! " *click click clack click click* " Wow a portal!And it looks like another kingdom!!! " * click....clickity clack click click* " The princess!!!??? Wonder why she wants all those weapons? " *click click*" Ohhh no!!I got tricked by the binary bard!!!Help, Merlin!!? " * BOOOOM! click...BOOM BOOM!* " Oh no!!! MERLIN!!!!!! " *cry cry weep sob!...ZAP!!!* " OK.Back to business! " *Click click clack click* "I finally defeated binary ba-


"We must now go into story mode."-

And as that fast fly was speeding away, that real old mechanic was starting to sway.
He was falling apart.Now what could he do?Then heroically shouted from Merlin; "Yoooooo hoooooo!!!"
The King, Queen, and servant were pleased.And what what popped out that robot also made me appeased.
2 things, Merlin was fixed and(this got me mixed) a new friend popped out that robot.And believe it or not it was Cy.Oh how I wanted to cry.He turned back to human in the blink of an eye.-


"Back to real mode."-

So today I got a new friend.Cy told me how he started from human to cyborg to robot (Cy) to battle robot.He has been recovoring from his transformations but now he is a cyborg that still has personality.Now we all know him as my best friend, Serious sky.-

Serious Cky(lol) :Hey wait a minute!I want to show you guys my awsome drum solo!!! :

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An astro knight

This is possibly what an astro knights could look like ^

Bite me!

I caught up with Cy (that's what I call him now) and he decided to go shark on me!He was down at the shark museum scaring the guy who works there.I remembered my "strategy" I jumped downstairs to where they where.I turned on my guitar and BZZZZT!!He looked knocked out.I came closer to Cy.His eyes popped on and he angrily screamed.He then flew away. " I wonder if Binary Bard was any thing to do with this?" I thought...

The third battle

...I finaly got to Puffin point and, sure enough, he was there.I shot my bow and arrow at him.It hit him but he was not hurt.He quickly got his rocket pack on and flue away.

We meet again

Today I was scanning the potropica area for that cyborg because it was unknown where he could be.I was going island by island so big nate was my last stop.When I got there of course there was the cyborg shooting lasers at what looked like Ned Noodlehead but with a better costume.Also he was protecting the president ( Obama).I soon came to the rescue by plugging in my guitar, quickly draining out the water from before, and played as loud as I could.This distracted the robot and insted of  shooting at them shot below them.The robot was gone before they could reach the ground.

" Thank you for saving us! " Ned said. I asked " Why are you with the president? " " Nevermind that,"said Ned." there is more important things than that!" " Like what? "." The president is in danger.He wasn't after me." he answered. " He was after me. " Said Obama.Then Ned, obviously rushing to tell me something, yelled " Go to the puffin point!you will meet him there.Here take this bow and arrow." I now am making my way to puffin point...  

Monday, June 1, 2009

Epic battle

Today I was walking along on the streets of poptropica (recovering from the incident with the guitar ) .As I passed the soda pop shop a strange, obviously infected badly by the mechanical flu, figure confronted me and was speaking strangely like a robotic astro knight I thought this could be the beginning of a new species!I offered him an appearance on T.V. but he refused and I begged him he said in a loud angry voice: "Ukq dwra wcanazia! Ukq sehh xa iqjmwdaz!!!" And then he shot his laser gun at me. Luckily, the police came and I jumped.The cyborg ran away.I tried to figure out what he said during the fight.I took out my decoder and strangly it was on W=A.Maybe it was a message I translated it.It said: You have angered me!You will be punished!!!"

Watch out for cyborgs that have only arms and legs that are shown!

Ohh no!

I now know what it feels like to get electricuted:

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPER GIRL!!!

Snapshot series: quiet joker!

Today I was walking along with my gitar and I saw a poptropican that I just had to get! She was one of the strangest poptropicans that I have ever seen, give it up for Miss Quiet joker!!

( It also looks like  she had the mechanical fever! )