Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leaving/Edit: DELETED!!!

Hello everybody.I have HUGE announcement for everybody.I think I'm quitting the blog business.I don't acually  think anybody reads my blog anymore.I bet no one is reading it right now either.But I do know one thing, I had a great run up until the end of August.This blog never got all that popular, but at least I was doin' what I loved.But now...It's not that fun anymore.Sorry if I made anybody sad and your welcome if I made anybody happy.And also just because I have more time on my hands now I'm not joining any wordpress blogs.It is a huge hassle to make graphics with it.Leave good or bad comments.I really want to know what people thought of this blog.


Tazman99,Levi Thurston,boo(my nickname), and Speedy fly

age: ten
Edit: I will be deleting the blog completely tomorrow at 5:30 pm.