Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Permanent Name

Hello Earthlings.(And some not.I'm looking at you, bard) I've got an important announcement to announce.The poll is finished and it was up to you people to pick the new permanent name."Drum roll, please."And the new name is...PopSmashers!!!( yes, yes I know, improper grammar.Capital letter in the middle of a word,I know.)Credit to Loud Shark for giving the entry.

I will change the header as soon as I can.

In other News:
A new post and poll for the PCB.It is about pretty much Captain Crawfish Bragging about how awesome Skullduggery is.Personally I'd say it's boring to do a second time.But those of you who don't have membership yet, it's pretty fun.

/(   .   )\
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Part two of how to make a header will not be made because it is short and is optional.So, I will tell you how to do the rest.Select and drag the section of the header you worked( fg. 5 from last time) on to the top left corner of the screen.Then, make the screen smaller so you can only see the mian part of the screen(fg. 5.).It should look like that ^ when you're finished.