Saturday, May 15, 2010

How To Make A Custom Header part 1 of 2

OK so, I'm sure a couple of you want to know how to do this, so this is how:

I'm using Poptropica Police as an example header because he requested one.First open MS paint, or other.I'll be working on Ms paint because it's free and I don't have photo shop ;).Next, think about the theme of your blog. Poptropica police, for example, is obviously about monkeys! Lol, just kidding.But the theme(s) is police and poptropica (sorry monkeys).Then, go to somewhere in poptropica "policey" (adj. police like; full of police*).I used the downtown police station in counterfeit.Get a good screenshot of that place (inside or out).Tip: Don't let yourself or the cruiser get in the way of where you're taking the picture.I recommend hide the cruiser at the edge of the screen.

*straight out of the fictionary

After that you have to do the hard part.OK, this may get a little confusing so use the picture to help you.First make your template SUPER big. Then, take the main portion (Fg. 1) of the picture with the select tool.Next drag it into the leftover space in the template (Fg. 2).If you cant get all of it without running into something       ( poptropica logo, toolbox ,etc.) then get it in sections( fg. 3 & fg. 4).Then carefully put the two other sections ( fg. 3 & 4 )on the edge of  fg. 1.

Now it's time to make the final changes to the logo.Customize the the logo a little bit and make it your own.Change some writing( fg. 5 ) to make how you want.


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I'm back on I left Poptropica Police. Check out my blog make me a header please.

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I'm only kidding! I deleted Poptropica Police because I wanna join THIS blog! Speedly Fly's Poppin Blog is a dream to me, I NEED to join. I'll be just a always - updater and poster and post cool graphics. My blogger account email is add me to this blog please.

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